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Bakheeta A.M.
Such a perfect proudact

Amazing amazing amazing

Taste great!

Advanced Metabolites, Wonder in a bottle!

As a first time mom to a toddler, it can be very challenging keeping up with your little one. I have tried supplements to help boost my energy levels and none was working for me. Now I wake up in the morning feeling like I could run a mile! My energy levels are off the roof and it absolutely improves my mood. I can spend ample time with my daughter and keep enjoying motherhood. Thank you so much @itsthefizz for this 'wonder in a bottle'.

Mariam R.


Feeling energised!

Loving the advanced metabolites, feeling so much more energised and productive during the day!

Muhammad S.B.


Absolute Love It!

The service from the provider is outstanding. The tablets are quite nice, I was afraid it would taste ugly but I was quite surprised to find it tasting really nice. Only been using it for a few days but I can feel the difference already. Would definitely buy again.


I love the products

Maryam A.
It works!!

Started eating for 5 days, not so long but it is starting to show signs of improvement. Not sure if it will continue or stagnate the process but lets see…

Doing the job till now

Almost a week, and I can really see the energy levels up! I really hope that the Metabolites are working, but all indicators are showing the same.


1st try, i feel like i didnt feel hunger ,im whole day not feeling to tired at work. thank you

7 stars

Amazing tablets … remarkable results

Excellent product

It's really works for me

It really helpfull

This tupes blocked my greaving to sugar in a very good way ...i feel the energy , good results to make me eat less and move more , tell now my waight loss still not this mouch because my life style is sitting and typing so i dont move a lot ...if you are moving and took this tipes you will lose kilograms now i use it for 2 months and i will continue because i feel better even if i loose only 2 kg its a good start for some one dont loose kg easily ..and dont move a lot more thing the delivery

Recy D.
Amazing product

Gives me the right energy and motivation to workout!! Addicted to drink it everyday ! It is my new coffee without giving you the pulpitation

Best collagen I ever used

The great result on the skin are immediately noticeable ! Loved this product

Amazing product! Love it♥️

Im really amazed with this product. After using it for few days, my skin is so nice, fine and completely clear especially in my face. Thank you so much. I woild definitely order again soon and recommend this product to my friends and family.

Very nice to stop craving and afternoon hunger

Its has good taste but takes some to dissolve, does wonders for my afternoon craving and keeps my stomach full most of the time

Ayesha A.
Loving it

I absolutely feel energized and I have lost 2 kgs in 2 weeks

its great

Delicious and Convenient

Water-soluble supplements are a game-changer! Convenient, delicious, and effective. Happy to say goodbye to bitter pills and hello to a refreshing way to nourish your body. Highly recommend for anyone looking to elevate their wellness routine!


Great taste don't feel hungry

Love the taste

I love the strawberry taste and the effervescent way to take it it makes life more easy .thank you Itsthefizz.


Advanced metabolites is so good
I have been taking them for 4 days now my hunger has decreased and I have way more energy then uswel
Would highly recommend it

🩷 Express Collagen - Fantastic 5⭐️product

If ever there was a nicer way to get collagen back into your body this has by far got to be the most enjoyable and cost effective way. To have revolutionary product at such a great price and actually be beneficial is the best thing about Express collagen.
I’ve also had the itsthefizz Metabolites and they are fantastic and help me with suppressing my appetite as well as help maintain a healthy diet by giving vital nutrients too!
My advice would be to give Express collagen a try it won’t disappoint you, within just a few days my skin and nails showed significant improvement,
I’ve taken them now for a month. the more I’m using I’m finding my skin is better, less aged and healthier looking along with better stronger & conditioned hair.

Don’t just take my word for it try it yourself by having collagen in a refreshing drink 😍 53 yr old user