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My favourite product

Love everything about it’s the fizz. I really see a huge different in my craving routine and my skin is so glowy. Stocking on these! Thank u for creating such a product.


Amazing not a fan of collagen but this product change my mind it’s mind blowing

5 star

Love the product, am ordering my bundle for the 3rd time. My day is not complete without it. Must also say that the customer service is beyond 5 star!

millia a.

i like the test and i start see the results on mu skin

Amazing product

the taste is sooo good !! i just love it !!


I love the taste and the results. Been using for couple months now and I am back for more because these really do make a big difference. I am lighter, I feel good all day, energy levels are really high.


This stuff actually does the job, my gym sessions are better, I focus longer, I don't drink coffee anymore - this is the real deal.

Very good

What can i say. these are my daily magic and i am completely addicted. thank you itsthefizz!


Good results so far!

Rasha M.

I've been trying both for a week now. It does make you energetic and I'm noticing that my cravings to sweet things have disappeared! It tastes great too!

My wonderful fizz

It’s wonderful items I use it .I feel something glowing on my face .I will continue using it and for sure I will buy more .

Highly recommend

Highly recommend as a fitness coach and influencer.

Hair growth!!

I cannot believe the results I have achieved in such a small time frame taking itsthefizz express collagen daily. I knew my hair required protein & biotin but I could never ingest the amount required, this is perfect and tastes good, I will never be without this product, so happy.

Rachel H.
Great Collagen.

I can definitely feel a difference in my skin, it feels plumper. I am hoping my nails start to get stronger & it helps with my damaged hair .I love your product, tastes great & your customer service is brill, everyone has been very friendly & helpful.

Fabulous brand

Obsessed with the packaging, have only just received my order, super quick delivery which was amazing. I used Advanced Metabolies yesterday as soon as it arrived and it immediately gave me the boost I needed, my house is spotless lol. Thanks itsthefizz, cant wait to see more results.

Love it!

I use the collagen and really love it! My skin feels amazing! I turn 54 next month and my skin’s never looked so good so thank you


It’s been 2 weeks and so far I’m seeing great results. I’ve been so bloated and tired recently and looked for something to help. This product has worked wonders for me.


Can't live without it no joke - I use this every gym day. Fast delivery, fast working product too.

Love The Fizz

Really love the product. Taste great, easy to have on the go and really works.

Customer service is unmatched!

Lovely product

Really easy to drink love the taste. I feel much brighter and more energised thanks to these Advanced metabolites. I will be ordering again soon

Back to my best self!

After pregnancy I was carrying alittle mor weight than before so have been looking for something natural to use. These Metbolites are just wicked, I have got myself back to the way I used to feel. You need to give them a try.

Advanced metabolite

Just started using it, can’t wait to see results , excited for the health benefits too👍🏽


The biggest difference is in my face, I got the full glow up experience from taking this for the last couple of weeks. I think my hair is getting thicker and hope this continues as I keep using.


Binish S.
I love this pack!

I love this pack so much I have just got another one because I believe the longer I use it the better the results will be. But in short, I am losing weight (5lbs), the skin on my face is glowing like they promised, and I feel amazing.